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What Does Your Vocabulary Say About You

Do you know the definitions of the following words without having to refer to a dictionary and can you use them appropriately in a sentence: adversary apprehensive commotion concoction conspicuous disdain egregious imperious meticulous uncanny versatile These are just some … Continue reading

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Facts Feed Our Brains but Stories Feed Our Souls

Despite all the new communication technology we have available to us, face-to-face communication and storytelling are still the most powerful methods we have of communicating, engaging and persuading our audiences. That has been true since the dawn of humans and … Continue reading

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Communications 101

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Millennials and the Dress Code Guide for Publicity

Yes, there appears to be a new sheriff in town and, whoever it is, has become the authority on the new dress code for the Millennial generation. Gone are the days when suits and ties were the norm.  It’s obvious … Continue reading

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Ask Duke How to Handle Negative Publicity

No one likes bad publicity.  It can be a thorn in your side because not only can it ruin your public image and reputation but it can have a life shelf of FOREVER thanks to social media. But if you … Continue reading

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