Millennials are Challenging the Business as Usual Mentality

Old Business Way versus New Business WayWhether baby boomers like it or not, a changing of the guard is taking place and millennials are leading the charge.

They are not thinking or behaving the way they are expected to. Perhaps it’s because the “old way” of doing things doesn’t work for them. Most baby boomers had traditions and values passed down to them from their parents. Not true with millennials because a lot of their baby boomer parents were too busy focusing on careers, keeping up with the Joneses, and being helicopter parents.

So now we have a generation who is rising up to make their own mark in the world. And they’re doing just that. It shouldn’t surprise us that social media and social media campaigns have inspired them in ways their older parents and grandparents can’t seem to understand or appreciate.

For instance, according to an article written by NerdWallet, when a number of young activists learned that Wells Fargo was among those providing financing towards the construction of the South Dakota Access pipeline at Standing Rock, they immediately withdrew their money and deposited it elsewhere. The same goes for Justin Garrett Moore who transferred all of his savings to a black owned bank and spear-headed a #BankBlack campaign.

Soon television executives, sports owners and venues may feel the brunt of this new millennial power. A recent report released by L.E.K. Consulting indicates millennial sports fans are bypassing cable television and totally abandoning traditional sports for online video game tournaments and other “eSports.” These changes are likely to have implications on viewership for professional sports leagues like the NFL, MLB and NASCAR, and networks like ESPN, Fox Sports and individual teams.

“The old model is under pressure,” says Alex Evans, Managing Director in L.E.K.’s Sports practice and a co-author of the study. “Traditional sports organizations rely on TV, especially cable TV, to attract new fans and to generate revenue now through ownership of regional sports networks. But they will likely come under increasing pressure to change their model, especially 5 to 10 years down the road.

So it looks like OLD habits may not be so hard to break.

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The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide

The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide

So why is a book like this necessary? It is important because as long as you and I remain in the job market, we are more than likely going to be working side by side with millennials. We are going to be challenged daily by the way they say and do things. We will cringe over their lack of conformity and their snub of the established “it’s always been done this way” rules.

It is important for millennials to understand why baby boomers are the way they are and to understand a thing or two about conformity. This book offers the boomer and millennial perspectives respectively.

The first 25 people who purchase a copy will receive an autographed copy at the DISCOUNTED RATE of $10 to include free shipping.


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Publicity as a Celebrity Look ALike

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?  What better way to capitalize on some publicity for yourself than by using your celebrity look alike gifts to create a little ( or perhaps A LOT) of promotion and publicity for yourself.

That’s just what Andre Boyd of North Carolina did recently when he took the opportunity to show off his “Ray Lewis” look and expressions for Halloween.  The video, posted by his sister, went viral and now he is basking in his 15 minutes of fame.  What will Andre do with his moment in the spotlight?  Who knows but if he has a goal and a plan, now is the time to capitalize on it.

The video was so impressive it made the REAL Ray Lewis jump out of his bed laughing hysterically! And NO, Travis Johnson did not do this video.  I know this for sure because I happen to know Andre personally.  Take a look:




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Millennials and the Dress Code Guide for Publicity

businessattireYes, there appears to be a new sheriff in town and, whoever it is, has become the authority on the new dress code for the Millennial generation.

Gone are the days when suits and ties were the norm.  It’s obvious that business attire has changed significantly over the years, especially in the last 20 years. Too many people have forgotten why proper business attire is important. It seems as though the younger you are, the less you care about the idea of “dressing to impress” in the workplace. The philosophy could be, “As long as I do my job, what I choose to wear should be no big deal.”

I do believe there are dress codes in place in the workplace for a reason and there should be a difference between the way you dress for work and the way you dress at home or when you go to the club.  Millennial workplace expert Lindsay Pollak says, “…people really do judge your professionalism based on how you look…But even as workplace dress codes change, one thing does not: Dressing for success still matters.”

And yes, Lindsay is right, but, on the other hand, maybe these are Millennials who are just starting out and really don’t know what dressing to impress means.  They don’t know how their attire brands them.  Maybe they don’t have the money to afford what is classified as real business attire or maybe they just can’t invest because they have other obligations like “family.”

But you know what?  I dispel that theory because I have found some very nice things at thrift store.

Perhaps being an aging baby boomer has turned me into an old-fashioned, judgmental cynic who is trying to raise everyone else’s dress code standards based on my own.  After all, I’ve been in the workforce more nearly 40 years so I ought to know a thing or two about dressing to impress, right?

Whatever else we think about dressing for success, we need to be reminded that first impressions are everything, and we only get one chance to make a positive first impression. What you choose to wear in a business environment cane make or break your publicity image.  Even if you think showing a little more cleavage or other parts of your anatomy is sexy, it sends the wrong message about who you might really be.

And even Mark Zuckerberg could use a few tips on how to dress to impress.  But I guess wearing a hoodie and flip flops doesn’t matter when you own the Company.

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Ask Duke How to Handle Negative Publicity

No one likes bad publicity.  It can be a thorn in your side because not only can it ruin your public image and reputation but it can have a life shelf of FOREVER thanks to social media.

But if you want to know how to get rid of negative publicity (or gloss it over), you might want to consult with Duke University.  From my view, they are the masters of turning a horribly, bad situation into a positive one.  So why do I say this?

Here’s the deal:  While exercising around the Duke Campus Wall this summer, I noticed the construction of a new building on Buchanan Blvd.  This beautiful new, stand-out, green building sits on the same grounds where another building used to be.  That structure, located at 610 Buchanan Blvd, was dingy and white and the scene of one of the biggest scandals to rock the Duke University campus back in 2006.   It was known as the Duke University Lacrosse rape scandal and it brought out the ugliness of white privilege, class and race.  But when you drive down that same street today, you probably won’t even remember where the “scene of the alleged crime” took place because the evidence no longer exists.

So how do you get rid of negative publicity?


buchanan_boulevard_house-400x300rsz_1dukeGet Rid of the Evidence:  That’s what Duke did.  After the alleged incident in 2006, the building on the left remained vacant until it was demolished in 2010.  This year you now see this beautiful green structure that gives no signs of anything terrible ever happening on that street. All you see is a nice, quaint neighborhood full of greenery and big homes.  It’s kind of like an “out of sight out of mind” mentality.

610 Buchanan Blvd old versus new structure

Let Time Pass:  Unlike remembering the victim(s) of a terrible crime, the local media has not dug back into its archives to remind us of what allegedly happened on the night of March 13, 2006.  It’s probably because all charges were dropped against the Duke Lacrosse boys and they have gone on to, not only settle with the University for a reported $20 million each, but also landed great paying jobs.  Reade Seligmann ended up graduating from Brown University, and then went to law school at Emory University. At last report, he was working as a law clerk at the U.S. District Court in New Jersey. Collin Finnerty finished his degree at Loyola College in Maryland. At last report, he was working as an analyst at Deutsche Bank. David Evans who was a senior at the time of the scandal, graduated from Duke in 2008 and is now working at Apax Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm, as a Senior Associate in the Consumer team.

Attack the Credibility of the Accuser:  Since I wasn’t there that night, I don’t know what happened but in my heart of hearts I believe something did.  Was it rape?  Perhaps not but when you get a bunch of drunk ass white boys who think they’re privileged, at the very least there was some trash talking about superiority and race.  Over the course of the scandal, however, police reports, media investigations, and defense attorneys’ motions and press conferences brought to light several key inconsistencies in Crystal Mangum’s story.   Of course, she didn’t help her case any by not being able to clearly identify her alleged attackers.  Later we learned that the victim had a troubled past and may have had some deeply rooted mental issues and the media wasted no time using them against her.  Her “troubles” landed her in prison in 2013 after being found guilty of the second degree murder of her boyfriend, a crime she says she committed in self defense because he was assaulting her.

Focus of the Positive:  In 2010, Duke won its first NCAA lacrosse championship.  In the 2013 season, Duke won a second and in 2014, Duke won their third lacrosse championship.  Of course, we all know what the Duke Blue Devils basketball team does year after year.

So if you find yourself facing some negative publicity, feel free to take a page out of Duke’s history and keep it movin’.


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