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Being an Expert Doesn’t Make You a Great Presenter

Truth be told, many experts in their fields don’t really have what it takes to command an audience. They know their subject very well but, often times, they fail to communicate effectively. Continue reading

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What Stuart Scott Taught Us About Self Promotion

As a Media Trainer, I work with clients on the art and techniques of self promotion and how to use it to gain more exposure.    In the wake of the passing of ESPN sports anchor Stuart Scott, I want … Continue reading

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Public Speaking and Publicity

If you can’t command an audience verbally, you’re not going to have much success with whatever it is you are trying to promote. Continue reading

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Investigative Journalism and the Ray Rice Story

As a veteran journalist, I am starting to see something more often than not when it comes to my colleagues. Some of them have become more REACTIONARY instead of doing the jobs they are paid to do—and that it to “investigate” and “dig” for the hard cold facts instead of waiting for someone else to do their jobs for them and then try to take the lead. Continue reading

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Five Things You Should Not Do During a Media Interview

A media interview in any type of media platform is an awesome opportunity to boost your visibility and credibility.  It can immediately boost your sales and open up the doors for other interviews on a larger stage.  A good interviewee … Continue reading

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