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It’s YOUR Time to Shine in the Media Spotlight!


  • Would you like more people to know about you and what you do?

  • Are you unclear on how to go about finding media sources?

  •  Do you need to build your “speaker confidence”?


If you’ve answered YES to any or all of these questions, your Media Trainer Beverly Mahone can help.  Beverly brings nearly 30 years of experience to the table as a member of the broadcast media.  So who better than she to help YOU prepare for a successful interview?


The current Radio Talk Show Host, former Television Reporter, Assignment Editor and Producer is using her knowledge, skills and expertise to help you achieve your own professional and personal communications success with the EXCLUSIVE BAMedia Gimme the Mic! Media Training Course!  



Here’s what you will learn in five (5) weeks:

  • How to communicate effectively on radio and/or TV
  • How to get your message across
  • How to speak clearly and concisely
  • How to fine-tune your skills through interview role-playing
  • Who to target for interviews
  • Who are the key people in a newsroom
  • What kind of information to put in a press release
  • When is the best time to submit a release
  • Where are the best sites for distribution
  • How to tie your “expertise” into local or national news
  • What not to do when a reporter calls
  • How to turn make a lasting impression with the Host
  • What to do when the interview is over 

You will also be given the opportunity to be interviewed on a real LIVE radio show.


Perhaps you want to host your own radio show………………………………………..


  • Do you have the gift of gab?

  • Are you looking for residual income

  • Would you like to learn how to use radio to grow your business?

  • Perhaps you’re an existing Radio Host who wants to learn how to grow your audience and expand your influence among radio hosts in your genre



 Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to conduct great interviews and produce a show
  • How to earn advertising revenue
  • How to extend your personal brand
  • How you can become a highly paid speaker as a radio host
  • How to produce intros, commercials and audio drop-ins

 When you complete the Gimme the Mic! Media Training Course,  you will be ready to add your voice and expertise to the long list of radio personalities across the country.  You will also be given the opportunity to co-host a real LIVE radio show at the end of the training.


What makes ME qualified to train YOU?

  • Who’s better qualified to show you how to do it than someone currently working as a radio talk show host?
  • Who better to guide you into the business than someone who is already in the business themselves?
  • Who better to connect you to celebrities you can invite as guests than someone who has a celebrity guest list?
  • Who better to show you how to promote and market your show than someone who does it and has established a solid listener base?

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