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2 thoughts on “Is the Media Being Unfair to Paula Deen

  1. Get a grip black people! All of you call yourself the so called “N” word that I think is a joke. Why is it okay to call white people honkeys, whities and white trash? No difference!!! And if a black person held a gun to my head, you can be sure he or she is a N—–!!!!

    1. April,
      You and I agree that nobody ought to be using the “N” word—

      Young blacks use it as a form of a greeting which makes absolutely no sense to me, especially since we get outraged when whites do it.

      I don’t know what the circumstances were that caused Deen call the person with a gun the “N” word, but that wouldn’t be the first thing that would come out of my mouth if I knew my life might be in jeopardy.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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