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  • Nearly 30 years as a radio and television news journalist

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  • Author

  • Motivational Speaker

A Baby Boomer with A LOT to say!


You can call me a  journalist unplugged.  After more than 25 years of being in a controlled radio and television news environment, I am now free to tell it like it really is.  I guess this is what you might call my “coming of age.”

I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience over the course of my broadcasting career and, now, as a  baby boomer, I am reinventing myself to give back what I’ve learned.  I  want others to enjoy the benefits of my media experience.  I have always been PASSIONATE about what I do and I want to share it with you!

You may be interested in my Your Time to Shine Media Training Course —designed especially for people who are interested in learning what it takes to get noticed by the media and prepare for a successful interview.  It truly begins with YOU.

Part II of the Your Time to Shine Media Training Course is for wanna-be radio hosts and current hosts who need some polishing.  You can start by taking the Radio Personality Survey to see if you qualify.

I might also tell you I’ve met some really awesome fellow journalists along the way and some of them will be assisting from time-to-time in helping me teach my courses.  I won’t name drop here but you will get a pretty good idea of my Who’s Who List by reading my posts, picking up my free media downloads and purchasing some of my products like the BAMedia Directory.

But my life hasn’t been all about journalism.  I’m also a wife, mother and grandmother dealing with other issues like aging, menopause, transition, over-worked, underpaid, younger bosses, stressed out, divorce, second chances, new opportunities, transformation, racism, sexism, mortality… WHATEVER!

My life as an African-American baby boomer female entrepreneur is challenging and, as a result, I have plenty of stories to share! As a baby boomer author, I’ve told part of mine in the Amazon Best Seller Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age.

In my new book, Don’t Ask and I Won’t Have to Lie, part of my life story continues as I deal with my own moral conscience while discovering some of the “truths” behind the “lies” I’ve heard and told.

You know, I believe we all have a story or two to tell.  Why not share it with the world?

Women who behave don’t make HERstory!


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