Connecting with Kathy Ireland on Twitter

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Several months ago I started following former supermodel Kathy Ireland.  I did so because some of my followers were re-tweeting her tweets and they were always very positive and uplifting in nature.

Last night I gained a whole new level of respect for her when she came to my defense in a little Twitter feud between myself and another one of her followers.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Ireland Follower:  “Liars turn fantasy into facts and are FOOLS!”

Me: ” Lies are NOT always facts spread by FOOLS. I’ve lied and I am NOT A fool and I wrote a book about it”

Ireland Follower:   “Maybe you can teach me to lie so others who don’t want to believe the truth can be satisfied.” @BevMahone (cc: @kathyireland)

Me:  I have lied to protect my daughter. Does that make me a FOOL???

Then Kathy Ireland got in the conversation and said, “Beverly, why would you ask that? It sounds as though you feel attacked.”

Ireland Follower:  “I am intrigued, so what you are saying is you are making a career out of lying?”

Kathy Ireland’s response to both of us:  “I see. Beverly’s point, as i understood it, was how deception impacts our lives. She has written a book on it.”

In another tweet, Kathy said, “I am buying it for Beverly to sign for me. Hope you are not attacking beverly. She is kind and has my support.”

If you are not connected with a celebrity on Twitter you should be.  Why?  Because even if they don’t follow you back, you may say something that strikes their interest and generates a response or you can engage them in conversation based on what they might be saying.  Or in my case, they may just come to your defense.

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17 thoughts on “Connecting with Kathy Ireland on Twitter

    1. DeAnna,
      I really think it depends on who you’re following and what kind of conversation you’re attempting to have. Some celebrities are obnoxious and you know it’s all about them but every once in a while you get one who is kind at heart and really tries to engage with other. I got lucky with Kathy. She’s a genuine sweetheart!

  1. Wow Beverly that is really cool. I am following a celebrity… he even thinks he is following me back. I do have a few other celebs I follow, some follow me back others don’t. But you are right you never know when they might pop up and support you and what else it might lead to. Way cool. Go you for sticking to your principles.
    Tasha Turner recently posted..Blog Backing Up

    1. Tasha,
      In a weird, crazy way I got to promote my ebook but that wasn’t my intent. I just though her statements weren’t accurate. The other crazy part was she was copying Kathy on the conversation and I’m not sure why.

  2. That’s a great story Beverly thx! James Rollins started following ME!!! I went and got one of his books and tweeted that I has and this has started a nice once in awhile chat with him. When I reviewed the book, He actually came on my FB page and left a note!! Woohoo You are sooo right! You just never know….

    1. Lisa,
      Celebrities are REAL people who share real interests. Not all of them are cool like James Rollins and Kathy Ireland but when you do make the connection, you can nurture and grow it as you have obviously done. You go girl!

  3. That is really awesome Beverly, I have followed famous people too, but I don’t do enough tweeting to count for a step in I think. That is really awesome though! Take care Beverly!

    1. Wendy,
      I’m a communicator and I really do love engaging others. I tweet in spurts so you’ll see A LOT of me at one time and then nothing for a few days. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. Tamy,
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen any confrontations on Twitter before or perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Her tweet caught my eye because I saw the word “Liars” and FOOLS. It just escalated from there. I probably wouldn’t have even seen the tweet had it not come through Kathy’s stream.

  4. That’s what you do, Miss Bev!
    How encouraging to see that you’ve engaged a celebrity on a personal level and received a personal response. As you stated, you followed her because her posts were positive and uplifting Nice to know that they are a true reflection of who she is.
    Keep up the good connecting!

    1. You’re right Debra! She walks her talk and that is truly impressive! There are so many celebrities on Twitter who are all about themselves and don’t give a rat’s behind about their fans enough to engage them. They just want to brag about the number of followers they have. Glad to see you among the blessed and highly favored these days…..

  5. First, am I the only male who ever writes a comment on this blog? lol

    Second, I love Kathy Ireland; always have, always will. She followed me first on Twitter and still does; love that as well. It was an interesting conversation, the first I ever caught with you live, and she showed herself as the class act I always knew she was.

    Still, I have to say that you get into better Twitter fights than I do; I need to work on my skills. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Blog Maintenance – Broken Links

  6. Mitch,
    Kathy Ireland shows us that in spite of all of her success and fame, she is still a genuine human being. She hasn’t allowed success to go to her head and she can still identify with those of us the world will never know. Yes, she is a total class act!

    Now MC Hammer is another Twitter fight that didn’t end well……

    And yes, you are the ONLY male who comments on my blog. I need to work on that 🙂

  7. Hi Beverly-
    Sometimes it doesn’t pay to engage some people; however, I’m glad that it ended well and Kathy had your back. I also follow her for the same reasons, uplifting tweets. She’s an amazing business person and woman. I judge no one. Some celebrities are cool and others…not so much. I’ve actually had one or two DM me in response to something I said, that’s very cool!
    Golda Smith recently posted..The BIG Shift: What it Means for Social Media Marketing and Your Business

    1. Golda,
      I totally agree with you. Some celebrities are cool and others are just obnoxious–yeah, I said it 🙂 And I could even name names……

      I have to admit I do follow some celebrities just for the sake of following them (as a journalist) but rarely engage them in conversation. I did comment on a tweet Kim Kardashian made once—and that was to correct her grammar. Of course, she didn’t respond back.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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