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with Host Beverly Mahone

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Thank you Bev Mahone for the opportunity to share with your audience the importance of prioritizing mental health and wellness. ~Tori Dixon, Psychotherapist

“It was so nice being on your show Bev. Thanks for the insightful and great interview!” ~Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers

“In every instance I have had the pleasure to work with her, in addition to being a consummate professional, Bev has authentic, engaging, generous and fun.  Whether she is teaching, training or interviewing guests “live”, it is obvious Bev has long since mastered the medium.  It is exciting to learn from her and wonderfully thought-provoking to see the world though her professional eyes.  If you want to send your message out to the world, not in a bottle, but over the airwaves, you want an experienced radio and televisional professional like Bev to guide you.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheldon Griggs (August 22 interview)

“When I was the guest of Beverly Mahone’s The Boomer Beat Radio show, it was a wonderful experience for me.  Beverly is a great host! I felt comfortable speaking and answering her questions. She moved early to discussion of more shocking content of my book and yet made it into a non-threatening topic.  Beverly was clearly dedicated to giving her listeners some good information and she added to her own credibility during our interview. I’d be delighted to be a guest on The Boomer Beat Radio Show again. Beverly rocks!”~ Marcia Barhydt (Jan. 2012 interview)

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