Using Photos for Publicity

As I’ve written before I am a strong advocate for using videos and written content to generate publicity. The more you have—the better.

Now I want to share another way you can get great exposure:  By using photographs taken of you at events.

It shows you are out and about and depending on what the event is, it shows you are active in your community. Anytime I go anywhere, I take a camera.  And in the event I forget the camera, I use my camera phone.

Photos always tell a story and can put you in a very favorable light personally and professionally so get in the habit, take a camera, take some pictures and start posting them.   rsz_katieparty10



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2 Responses to Using Photos for Publicity

  1. Barbara Joe says:

    Yes, I think I made your point.

  2. Absolutely right. The lucky thing for most people is we can now take these pictures with our smartphones. I never carried a camera back in the day; no place to put one. Now… I’m just amazed…
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Does Blogging Work For Business?

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