Trayvon Martin Attorney to be Interviewed by Beverly Mahone

After appearing on MSNBC, Nancy Grace and the Dr. Drew Show, Attorney Natalie Jackson will make a guest appearance on The Boomer Beat radio show with host Beverly Mahone.

Jackson’s law firm is based in Sanford, Florida where the shooting of Trayvon Martin took place.  The teen was killed while walking home from a convenience store.  Mahone says she is eager to talk with someone closely connected to the case.  “On my last show I interviewed fellow journalist Gail Paschall-Brown, one of the lead reporters covering the story for WESH-TV in Orlando.  She was able to offer information based on her investigation as a reporter, however, Attorney Jackson is tied directly to the case and can discuss it in greater detail.”  Mahone says many people in North Carolina are just as interested in the Trayvon Martin case as the people in Florida. “There are still too many unanswered questions. Why would a grown man with a gun feel so threatened by an unarmed teenager?  Who was screaming for help on the 9-1-1 tapes?  What does the video recently released by ABC News prove?  These are some of the questions Mahone says she will pose to Attorney Jackson during the interview.

Mahone says the Trayvon Martin story is one many baby boomers can relate to because it could be their own son or grandson who was killed.  “The story is personal for me because I know how real this tragedy could be for my own grandson.”

This edition of The Boomer Beat radio show will air on Monday, April 2 at noon EST on WCOM Radio.  Listeners who are unable to listen on their radio may listen to the live stream at

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  1. Charmaine says:

    This despicable and loathsome thing claimed it was acting in self-defense and its not-Perry-Mason-attorney lamely claims that it was injured in the process, no doubt beaten with a bag of Skittles®.
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