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It’s a FREEkend August Promotion at 7-Eleven

Hats off to 7-Eleven® for coming up with a clever way to utilize mobile marketing to show its appreciation to its customers as well as expand its customer base.  During the hot, dog days of summer, this business has come … Continue reading

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Without Publicity Risks There are No Publicity Rewards

When I first checked onto the social media scene in 2006, I had no clear idea what I was doing.  All  I knew was I was about to publish this great book I had written and I wanted sales—LOTS of … Continue reading

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Celebritize Yourself During March Madness 2013

Here’s a great opportunity for you to “celebritize” yourself by drawing attention with your own March Madness 2013 contest. Hosting a contest is a great way to attract customers to your site and to let people know more about you and your business Continue reading

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How to Self Promote to Grow Your Business is Back

he game plan has changed because the rules of being a self promoter have changed. What are some of the new avenues of self promotion? Are the days of sending emails to spread the word over? Is it better to promote more ON or OFFLINE? Continue reading

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The Three Ps for Publicity

There’s an old saying, “The early bird catches the worm.”  In life, being first has its advantages but in the world of publicity, you have to have the “Three Ps” in order to catch some media attention. First and foremost … Continue reading

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