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Press Release Mistakes You Must Avoid

When writing a press release, your first goal should be to have someone actually read it—not just the headline—but the ENTIRE release. Here are some mistakes to avoid to having a newsroom editor hit the delete button: 1) Don’t be … Continue reading

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Is Black Dick for Hire Clever Advertising?

Recently on my Facebook page I posted this headline from a REAL press release:  Black Dick for Hire/Private Eye: Black private investigator emerges from the shadows to provide investigative consulting to discerning clientele. I wanted to know what my friends thought … Continue reading

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The Three Ps for Publicity

There’s an old saying, “The early bird catches the worm.”  In life, being first has its advantages but in the world of publicity, you have to have the “Three Ps” in order to catch some media attention. First and foremost … Continue reading

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Are Your Press Releases Getting No Respect?

Are you one of those people who wonders why you never get any traction from the press releases you send out? Maybe you’re the Rodney Dangerfield of press releases–you get no respect because your releases aren’t worthy of the kind of … Continue reading

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How to Grab the Media’s Attention Without Committing Murder

It’s a well-known fact that the media is the driving force behind what is considered news and what isn’t.  In some newsrooms there’s a saying, “If it bleeds it leads.”  While reporters and producers may thrive on blood and guts … Continue reading

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