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Controversy Sells

In my new book How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, I have a chapter titled, Controversy Sells. Basically, it talks about how the more controversial you are, the more people will stand up and take notice even … Continue reading

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What Happens After the Book Launch

It’s official.  My newest book, How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, is now available to the general public.  On Saturday, April 14, I hosted a book release party at one of our local Independent bookstores—complete with food, … Continue reading

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Building Your Power Partner Publicity Portfolio

When was the last time you teamed up with someone for a joint business venture?  Partnerships with others who offer services or products that compliment yours can be a win-win situation. Where you look to find people to collaborate with … Continue reading

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How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder

When you work for someone else, you’re instructed to go with the flow, play nicely in the sandbox, and be a team player. The game plan changes, however, as you move from the comfort and security of the corporate world … Continue reading

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