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Being an Expert Doesn’t Make You a Great Presenter

Truth be told, many experts in their fields don’t really have what it takes to command an audience. They know their subject very well but, often times, they fail to communicate effectively. Continue reading

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How Hard Is It To Say Thank You

a simple “thank you” on a retweet or LinkedIn comment to your post can go a long way in establishing and building relationships with others Continue reading

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Empire Proves Why No One Should Be Ruled Out in Marketing

Since Empire made its debut on the Fox network last month, my husband and I, like millions of viewers, have been glued to our TV sets on Wednesday nights at 9pm hanging on every scene, every word, and anxiously waiting … Continue reading

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Without Publicity Risks There are No Publicity Rewards

When I first checked onto the social media scene in 2006, I had no clear idea what I was doing.  All  I knew was I was about to publish this great book I had written and I wanted sales—LOTS of … Continue reading

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Are You a Social Networking Snob?

There are literally millions of people connected through online social networking. Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and FaceBook have become breeding grounds for people to do and say whatever they want. Connecting to others can be a very profitable experience for some … Continue reading

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