Rush Limbaugh is a Baby Boomer Who Knows How to Grab Media Attention

Rush Limbaugh is not a formally trained journalist but he knows how to command the airwaves AND gain the media spotlight. His on-air antics and rants may piss off the majority but he manages to keep himself in the news, sadly, because the news media believes what he says IS news. Here are more of my thoughts in this video:

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4 Responses to Rush Limbaugh is a Baby Boomer Who Knows How to Grab Media Attention

  1. Well… I’ll give you that he does know how to generate controversy. I’ll also give you that he’s learning that there’s a limit to stupidity as advertisers pull out one by one. Not everyone survives stupid; at least not without some major bumps in the road.
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  2. Michael Davis says:

    Mitch you’re right man. The only thing Rush Limbaugh wants it some cheap publicity and get sponsored. He gets it though.
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  3. Beverly Mahone says:

    The case with Rush is that he has a strong loyal following of folks who are anti-EVERYTHING. He has cleverly learned how to manipulate the airwaves even with the major bumps in the road. And yes, there are advertisers who will still support him because they want to attract HIS listeners.

    Remember the debacle with Tiger Woods? Advertisers publicly announced their departure but when the dust settled some of them returned.

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