Is it News 50 Years Later

A new book, due to be released this week, will reveal an extramarital affair involving President John F. Kennedy.  The author, Mimi Alford, now in her late 60s, has reportedly written a tell-all book about her sexual escapades with the former Commander-in-Chief while she was a White House intern.

The question is, is this really news?  It’s been 50 years since this affair allegedly occurred.  Why come forward now?  Is she prepared for the media publicity that’s bound to come her way?

Over the years there were plenty of reports about the former President messing around with other women so what makes Mimi’s story unique and relevant?

The public will get a first hand look at this woman on Wednesday when she does an interview with Meredith Vieira on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams. She’s been quoted as saying she just wants to unburden herself.  What a burden to carry for 50 years and then all of a sudden decide its time to confess and cleanse your soul.  I guess that’s what aging will do to you.


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