How to Self Promote to Grow Your Business is Back

One year ago this month, I conducted a How to Self Promote to Grow Your Business Workshop at Wake Tech.

Guess what?  I’m coming back on Tuesday, March 5 with the same workshop.  But wait a minute!  It WON’T be the same because so much has changed in 365 days.

The game plan has changed because the rules of being a self promoter have changed.  What are some of the new avenues of self promotion?  Are the days of sending emails to spread the word over?  Is it better to promote more ON or OFFLINE?

Here’s one tidbit of information I’ll share here:  Your greatest self promotion effort will come from the community of supporters you build around you.  No one person can reach tens of thousands of people at once but a solid base of loyal supporters will sing your praises loud and clear if you work on building and maintaining those relationships.  How do you do that, you ask?  I’ll share that at the workshop or in a future post.

I invite you to join me on Tuesday for the updates so you can get on the fast track of self promotion.

Here’s the link for more details:  Workshop

Look forward to seeing you!
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