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The Baby Boomer Millennial Divide

So why is a book like this necessary? It is important because as long as you and I remain in the job market, we are more than likely going to be working side by side with millennials. We are going … Continue reading

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100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know

I am a journalist and an author. That means I have a good command of the english language—or SHOULD have. I recently read 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know and now I am wondering how much of an expert … Continue reading

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Beverly Mahone Birthday Message

A message from your baby boomer extraordinaire….

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What Does Your Publicity Barometer Look Like

Between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I have nearly 6500 friends. If you take into consideration that a number of those connections overlap, the number is probably more like 3000. The reach, however, is probably in the tens of thousands because … Continue reading

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What Happens After the Book Launch

It’s official.  My newest book, How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, is now available to the general public.  On Saturday, April 14, I hosted a book release party at one of our local Independent bookstores—complete with food, … Continue reading

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