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Beverly’s Creativity and Great Thinking Skills as a Journalist has helped her create an exciting, fun card game called

Don’t Ask…….. 

Now you can select from THREE versions of this exciting card game!  

  • One for girlfriends ONLY
  • One for men and women to play together
  • One just for teens 

Great for parties, book clubs, vacations, team building events and the perfect “specialty” gift! 


It’s sure to stimulate conversation—and the fun is in trying to guess how your friend would respond to the same answers.  *It’s also a BIG HIT on Facebook.  Check it out:  Don’t Ask 


Be one of the first to own this intriguing game you will only find on this website.

Don’t Ask Card Game



And Bev writes books too! 



Order your autographed copy of her brand new book, Don’t Ask and I Won’t Have to Lie.  This book isn’t going to change your life—but it’s definitely going to give you something to think about as you deal with your own truths and untruths.


 Review from Janet Theador: “I just finished reading the preview copy of your book, Don’t Ask and I Won’t Have To Lie. I really enjoyed it! You hit upon so many things that we all do or have done…and, most of them I hadn’t thought of as being lies.  I was smiling, and even laughing at some parts of it… and, agreeing a whole lot with what you had to say.  You are the most honest lady I have ever met!”

Book Price $12.00 (inc. S&H)


Purchase the book and card game together for the low price of $15.00

(comes beautifully wrapped as a gift set upon request).





Read the Book that started it all!  You’ll learn why she left the news business after more than 25 years in the business.


 Find out how she discovered she was in menopause (you’ll laugh so hard you might have a “little accident.” 


 Share her adventure of dating after 40 and the “frog experience”!

Book Price $10 (incl. S&H)




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